Relax More, Worry Less

You invest a lot of your time and money to find just the right furniture for your home. Don’t let a mishap ruin that investment. Help protect the appearance of your new furniture with a Protection 1st plan by Montage. Keep life’s little mishaps from becoming big problems. If the unexpected happens, call our Service Center’s 800 number for expert help with any problem covered by your Protection Plan. If a technician is needed, we will dispatch a certified, insured technician to perform the work in your home. If we can’t help with the problem, we’ll replace the item at its original value at no cost to you.

Whether your purchase is fabric, leather or vinyl upholstery, power adjustable bed bases, wood or other solid surface furniture, a Protection 1st Plan will help protect it so you don’t have to worry about it.

Accidents Happen. Protect Your Furniture

Mechanical and Structural Breakdowns:
  • Breakage of frames or panels
  • Breakage of seating support straps or springs
  • Breakage of mechanisms
  • Breakage of welds
  • Failure of OEM integral electric and/or electrical components and control devices
  • Separation of veneers or laminates from the substrate
  • Fading from exposure to direct sunlight
  • Seam separation
  • Breakage of zippers and buttons
A Single, Specific Post-delivery Incident Which Occurs During Normal Residential Use Resulting in Accidental Damage:
  • All Stain Types
  • Punctures, cuts and rips
  • Liquid marks or rings
  • Household burns and heat marks
  • Gouge, chip or scratch that penetrates the finish exposing the substrate
  • Damage caused by nail polish remover
  • Checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of finish
  • Mirror chipping, breakage, cracking or loss of silvering
  • Glass chipping, breakage or cracking
  • Damage from pet beaks, teeth and claws — limit to one incident per Agreement

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